Our Life Healing Specialist

Rhonda soul session

Rhonda holds a Master’s degree (with a clinical focus) from one of the top ten schools of Social Work- the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in addition to a B.A in Applied Psychology from North Carolina State University. Rhonda has been helping individuals overcome emotional and psychological battles for almost 10 years in a variety of settings including hospitals, community treatment teams, homeless shelters, schools and her own healing practice. Rhonda specializes in integrating the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of healing into understanding and overcoming personal challenges. She offers a holistic treatment approach that considers all factors that may be impacting a person on an individual and social level. Throughout her career, she has guided countless individuals into bringing positive transformation in their lives. Her expertise is in working with women of African descent and she has helped many others along the way. Going through her own healing journey, Rhonda has learned what it means to overcome one’s own internal battles and she uses this to encourage and empower her clients. As a Life Healing Specialist, Rhonda incorporates a wealth of knowledge as well as life experience to provide her clients with the most effective method of transforming their lives. Rhonda is dedicated to helping individuals improve their lives by guiding them to discovering their own internal power. Rhonda is an advocate for mental, physical and spiritual freedom. She does this through her healing work as well as through social activism. She is currently studying African-centered healing practices which she aims to incorporate into her practice.


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