Life Healing Sessions

A Life Healing Session is an interactive process led by a professional to guide you on your journey to healing and happiness. All of our life healing sessions are facilitated by a Master’s Level Specialist and are personalized based on your individual or collective needs. Each session includes:

  • Guided Meditation (optional)

  • Active Listening to Your Individual Needs

  • Professional Guidance


Our Sessions Are Similar To Psychotherapy and Life Coaching but we use a more integrated approach. See chart for details

Difference Between Life Healing & Other Services 12-9-15

We currently offer virtual sessions for your convenience

All  sessions are 1 hour

Standard Session Prices

Individual Phone Session: $40

Individual Skype/Video Session: $50

Couple Skype/Video Session: $60

3 Sessions for $99.png

Session Packages

Save Money By Purchasing Sessions

$99 for 3 Individual Phone Sessions

$129 for 3 Individual Video Sessions

$159 for 3 Couple Video Sessions

Sessions must be completed within a 30 day period with no more than 1 session per week. 

We offer sessions Monday-Friday and occasionally on Saturday. The earliest sessions are 9am, the latest session available is 6pm. Availability is based on the schedule of the Life Healing Specialist

If you are unable to afford a session, please contact us for discount options

Request A Session Green.png

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