Black Women's Healing Group Summer-Fall



This group is focused on the shared experience and need for healing of women of African Descent due to:

  • Role Burden (i.e having multiple obligations such as provider & caregiver)
  • Chronic Stress
  • Sexism (various forms of mistreatment based on gender/sex)
  • Racism (psychological, social, financial, etc.)
  • Negative Internalized Ideas of Self
  • Social Pressures
  • Increased Risk of Trauma (i.e sexual & physical abuse)
  • Inter-generational and Historical Trauma

This group promotes healing on a mental, emotional, social and spiritual level. These healing discussions will also consider the presence of racism, oppression, inter-generational and historical trauma.

In this group, women will go through five weeks of shared support and healing.  


5 Wednesdays at 7pm eastern Time (Lasts about 1.5 hours)

September 9, September 16, September 23rd, September 30th, October 7th


Via Zoom Conferencing

Participants will have the choice to join via phone or video. one-time download may be required for video conferencing.

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  •  $99 for 5 Group Sessions
  • $22 For The First Group Only
  • Free for Clients With A Black Women’s Heal Package

Payment Plans and Limited Fee Waivers Available Upon Request



  • Access to 5 Weekly Healing Group Sessions which includes:
    • Meditation
    • Group Healing Exercises
    • Transformative Conversations
    • Shared Support
    • Valuable Information
    • Tools for Healing
  • Electronic Healing Handouts for Self Healing
  • One Free Individual 30 Minute Empowerment Session with the Group Facilitator
  • An Opportunity to Connect with Other Black Women on Their Healing Journey
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group for additional support and connection


Rhonda is the owner and Life Healing Specialist for Lion Heart Life Healing where she has been leading the Virtual Black Women’s Healing Group for three years in addition to providing individual healing sessions. Rhonda holds a Master’s degree in Social Work (with a clinical focus) from one of the top ten schools of Social Work (the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) in addition to a B.A in Applied Psychology from North Carolina State University. For over seven years, Rhonda has been helping individuals overcome emotional and psychological battles. Going through her own healing journey, Rhonda has learned what it means to overcome one’s own internal battles and she uses this to encourage and empower her clients.

As a Life Healing Specialist, Rhonda incorporates a wealth of knowledge as well as life experience to provide her clients with the most effective method of transforming their lives. Rhonda is dedicated to helping individuals improve their lives by guiding them to discovering their own internal power. She is currently studying African-centered healing practices which she aims to eventually incorporate into her practice. Rhonda is known for her racial consciousness as she has studied systemic racism within and outside of the educational system. She uses this knowledge to help people of African descent understand and heal from the traumas of racism. Rhonda is an advocate for mental, physical and spiritual freedom which she promotes with her healing work as well as her spoken word and activism within social justice organizations and movements.

 Learn More About Rhonda

Rhonda Port City




  • OCTOBER 21st
    • What’s Getting In Your Way? In this group session, we will cover what may be blocking you from living the life you want to live considering both individual and social factors such as racism.
  • OCTOBER 28th
    • How Are You Living? This group session will focus on how to make daily lifestyle changes to improve your well being.
  • NOVEMBER 4th
    • Can You Change Your Mind? In this group session, we will work on mindset shifting in order to improve emotional and psychological well being.
  • NOVEMBER 11th
    • What’s Love Got To Do With It? During this group session, we will focus on the role of relationships on your mental and emotional well being.
  • NOVEMBER 18th
    • Self Love is a Revolutionary Act In this group session, we will uncover how self love can combat psychological oppression and improve relationships.

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(Responses collected from surveys, names are not included to respect client confidentiality)

“If someone is looking for a safe space to heal and feel free to express herself and grow this healing group is the place to be!”

“Attending this group has been life saving for my as I progress through my healing journey. Especially, as I confronted the very dark trauma in my life with my therapist that caused me to go into deep depression to the point I could not get out of bed. I looked forward to the weekly sessions which gave me the motivation to simply voice my concerns and story in a nonjudgmental environment. This group has been instrumental to my healing growth to actively work to resolve generational trauma in my personal family to simply live myself and little family better”

“This group was much needed !!! Joining in with my fellow sistas to share our journey was so helpful. I have done groups with other groups of people and this was the best. I felt like I got to know the women I am in group with as well as Rhonda. It was amazing and had me walking away always thinking !!!”
-Spring/Summer 2020 Group Member

“I think this is a great introduction to what healing work Is and feels like—this was and is SO needed in our community. It’s worth your investment.”
Spring/Summer 2020 Group Member

“This is an opportunity I highly recommend to uplift your spirit and energy. It is so fulfilling to connect with like minded women to learn and express our deepest thoughts/experiences and find realistic coping techniques. As a black woman, we have many similar experiences within a structural racism system in America. Therefore, to have this outlet for mutual support was priceless and equipped me with essential tools to apply to not only to my life but for those around me💕”
-Spring 2020 Group Member

“This is an opportunity for personal growth through sharing experiences, listening to feedback, embracing sisterhood while becoming stronger in your own truth. I would highly encourage participation in this group, I came out stronger, wiser and more at peace.”
-Winter 2020 Group Member

“If you want to evolve [] then this is the group to join”
-Fall 2019 Group Member

“I love this group and the fact that it’s small. I feel empowered each time it ends and look forward to every Wednesday.”
-Spring 2019 Group Member

“The groups continue to get better each season.”
-Summer 2019 Group Member

“The leader creates a safe space for transparency”
-Fall 2018 Cycle Group Member





Phone 484-455-4542 E-mail LHLIFEHEALING@GMAIL.COM Hours Sessions offered Tuesday-Thursday 10am-6pm (sugject to change)
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