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LION HEART LIFE HEALING™ is a virtual healing practice that offers services and resources aimed at helping individuals increase balance, happiness and freedom in their lives. 

We use professional guidance and tools to help individuals heal psychologically and emotionally by overcoming life challenges and recognizing their own inner power.

We offer sessions and resources aimed at helping people overcome challenges such as depression, anxiety, trauma (including racial trauma), emotional exhaustion, relationship issues and chronic stress. 

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Sessions are offered by a Master’s Level Specialist and can be received anywhere in the United States via phone or video chat.

We are committed to helping people of African Descent heal from the longstanding abuse & oppression that we have faced for centuries so that we may recognize our true power. 




Are Ready to Prioritize Your Healing? 

Try Our 30 Day Healing Package

30 Day Healing Package


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Phone 484-455-4542 E-mail LHLIFEHEALING@GMAIL.COM Hours Sessions offered Monday-Friday 10am-6pm // Saturdays 10am-1pm by availability
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