Each session is an interactive process led by a professional to guide you on your healing journey. All of our life healing sessions are facilitated by a Master’s Level Specialist with 7 years of post-graduate experience on helping individuals overcome emotional and psychological challenges. 

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(Pricing & Session Options are Subject to Change)

Free 15 Minute Clarity Call (Free!)

Speak directly with our Life Healing Specialist and find out if this service is right for you.


30 Minute Individual Empowerment Session

This session option is focused on addressing one specific topic in your life that you need help working through. During your empowerment session, you will be empowered to overcome this issue through professional guidance and encouragement.


Investment: $45 by phone, $55 by video

60 Minute Individual Healing Session 

This is a full 1 hour healing session aimed at helping you uncover the origins of challenges in your life as well as solutions. Each session begins with optional meditation. During this session, you will have the opportunity to share various challenges you may be facing in your life. In this interactive process, the Life Healing specialist will provide you with professional guidance through questions, reflections and tools to guide you in finding balance in all areas of your life.


Investment: $99 by phone, $111 by video


If you are a Black Woman Ready to take your healing journey to another level, this package is for you!


What You Will Receive From This Package…

    • 4 One Hour Life Healing Sessions via Phone or Video
    • Personalized email follow up after each session to keep you focused on your healing goals
    • Free Entrance Into the Virtual Black Women’s Healing Group for 5 Weeks (Starts October 21st) 
    • Free Entrance and Recording of our Virtual Life Healing Workshop
    • Electronic Healing Handouts for Independent Healing Work

These services are all offered by a Master’s Level Life Healing Specialist with unique experience in serving women of African descent

Why You Should Consider This Healing Package…

  • Clients report the best results when they do individual sessions and group healing sessions
  • Clients have better outcomes when they do weekly healing rather than occasional sessions or groups
  • The Healing Package will give you the opportunity to have more frequent contact with your Life Healing Specialist
  • When you make an investment in your healing, it impacts your all areas of your life for the better
  • You deserve to make your healing a priority!


Special Pricing Now Until October 30th

 $399 for phone sessions

$422 for video sessions

Payment Plans Available


Additional Forms May Be Required. 

Payment Will Be Taken Via Paypal Invoice After You Receive A Registration Confirmation

Have Questions?

Email or schedule a 15 minute clarity call with our Life Healing Specialist

We do not currently accept insurance 

Can’t afford Sessions?

Apply for a discounted session funded by our Community Healing Project

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