Why You Aren’t Living The Life You Want To Live YET

Do you know you want to live a better life but you feel like something is getting in the way? Here are a few reasons why you may not be living the life you want to live yet.

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1.) You are afraid. You may not realize it consciously but it’s possible that you are afraid to live a better life. This is because living a better life requires change, which can be frightening when you are used to living a certain way (even if you are unhappy). Your body and mind might even respond to positive changes in the same way it responds to danger. These feelings of fear may prevent you from doing things that could change your life for the better. Awareness of this is the first step in overcoming the fear.

Ask yourself: “Am I afraid to live a different and better life?”

Helpful Activity: Write out your greatest fears and write challenges to each of them.


2.) You don’t believe you deserve a better life. Ultimately, you probably do want a better life but subconscious thoughts and ideas could be holding you back. You may feel that other people deserve to have happy lives but at the same time you may feel like a happy life is not realistic for you. There may have been people in your life that convinced you with their actions or words that you should not expect more for yourself.

Ask yourself: Do I feel that I am absolutely worthy of a wonderful and happy life? Why or why not?

Helpful Activity: Write a journal entry around your feelings of self worth.


3.) You don’t “know” what you want.  You may have not spent enough time actually identifying what it is that you want for your life. A better life may be an abstract idea with no specific vision. In order to get what you want, you may have to be more specific about what that is.

Ask yourself: “What is it that I want for my life (i.e money, happiness, success, freedom etc.)..and what does that look like for me?

Helpful Activity: Create a Vision Board, Goal List, Life Plan, etc


4.) You don’t focus on what you want. If you spend most of your time focusing on what you don’t want out of life, you can almost guarantee that this is what you will continue to see. In order to move closer to the life you want to live, shift your focus to the things that you want to bring into your life. This doesn’t mean that you simply ignore everything else. In fact, keeping your focus on what you do want out of your life may give you the power to change some of the “bad things” in your life that you’ve let go on for too long.

Ask Yourself: “How much time do I spend focusing on what I want out of life?”

Helpful Activity: Set a timer for five minutes and write down all the thoughts that come to you during this time. Afterwards, examine your thoughts to see if any of them support the life you want to live.


5.) You don’t seek support. Please remember that you are not meant to do this alone. Believe it or not, there are plenty of people out there waiting to inspire, motivate, heal, guide and encourage you on your journey. You may need to be more intentional about seeking out people and resources that can help you achieve your life goals. At the same time, make sure that you are not surrounding yourself with people who interfere with your life goals.

Ask yourself: “Have I reached out to people that I know could help me achieve my life goals?”

Helpful activity: Find and reach out to at least one person that could help you achieve one or more of your life goals (i.e Life Coach, Counselor, Peer, Acquaintance, Mentor etc.).


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