Dealing With Negative People

We’ve all had experiences dealing with negative people. Sometimes it’s annoying, other times it’s unbearable or even toxic. We know it’s happening, but sometimes it feels as if there is nothing we can do about it. So, how can we protect ourselves from this negative energy, so that it does not harm us?

Here Are A Few Tips:

Realize That Negative People Aren’t Really Negative People The truth is that no one is all negative and no one is all positive. As human beings, none of us are capable of being all good or all bad. We tend to have a mixture of both positivity and negativity. People who are perceived to be “negative people” are just people who are more likely to have negative thoughts, speech, emotions and behaviors.

Disconnect/Distance If you want to protect yourself from negative energy, the easiest way to do so is by not engaging in it. This can be done by separating yourself physically from people considered to be negative. This can also be done by separating yourself emotionally from negativity (not clinging your energy or emotions to the negativity).

Take Responsibility For Your Emotions People may exhibit negativity, but we cannot blame them for our reactions to it. Part of our spiritual and emotional growth is learning to be in full control of our reactions, even if we are in situations that would usually invoke negative reactions. If we really want to get away from “negative people” we have to make sure we don’t give into negativity.

Respond to Negativity With Positivity Many people who are perceived to be negative are that way because they lack compassion, fulfillment and peace in their life. Sometimes, showing love in the form of compliments, kind gestures and positive statements can really have an impact on that person. This, of course, won’t instantly make them a more positive person but it can help them to feel positive emotions, which is a good start. Also, managing to be positive when the “normal reaction” would be negative, shows a good example to a person who has not yet learned to do so.

Cleanse! If it is unrealistic to disconnect from people in your life who are perceived to be negative, a daily “cleansing” of negative energy may be helpful. Let’s say you’ve been at work all day with people who exude negativity…. When you get home (or when you get a break) take some time to meditate, clear your head, talk to positive people, listen to positive music, and release that negative energy in healthy ways so that it does not plague you.

I sincerely hope this blog helped you in some way. For questions or further guidance, please email or browse the website.

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  1. Cleanse cleanse cleanse, absolutely, great post 🙂


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