Listen To Your Spirit

I Would Have Found Happiness Years Ago If I Had Only Learned To Listen To My Spirit….

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LISTEN TO YOUR SPIRIT. To many this phrase may sound cliché or even “spooky.” However, learning to listen to one’s spirit is a very simple thing that can have a tremendous impact on one’s lives.

What is a spirit? According to the Dictionary, A Spirit is “the nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.”

Our spirit is our energy, our essence. Unlike our mind, our spirit is not plagued with misinterpretations, worries and doubt. Our spirit essentially has all the answers for indecision, direction and our life’s purpose. The only problem is that we have not learned to listen to our spirit. We as humans, tend to focus more on our physical selves than our spiritual selves.  Often times we get distracted by stress, worry and other preoccupations that keep us focused away from our spirit.

Often, our spirit speaks to us in different ways including in our dreams as well as in meditation. (Interpret Symbols In Your Dreams: The key is to eliminate or reduce physical distractions, so that we can be more in-tuned with our spiritual self.

An Exercise To Try: Sit in a quiet place. Close your eyes. Focus On Your Breathing (and nothing else) for a minute or so. Do your best to not focus or dwell on any thoughts, worries or distractions. Imagine your energy flowing in and around your body. Imagine you are connected to everything around you. And when you’re ready, ask your spirit what you should do next….see what you experience!




I sincerely hope this blog helped you in some way. For questions or further guidance, please email or browse the website.

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