The Power of Healing

Healing is something that is often postponed for the sake of other parts of our lives. With all the worries, obligations and responsibilities we have, it may feel like we have little to no time for healing. However, our worries and duties could actually be alleviated by engaging in healing practices. Imagine a world where everyone was healed. There would likely be less abuse, pain and suffering. Along with that, there would likely be more love, understanding and compassion.

Unfortunately, many people do not know that they need healing. This may be because healing itself is often misunderstood.


What Is Healing?

Healing is often seen as something that only needs to occur in cases of intense mental or physical suffering. However, healing itself is actually a gradual growth process. It is the process of becoming whole mentally, physically and spiritually. It is the process of continuously evolving ourselves into something greater. It is when we let go of what inhibits our growth and intensify that which makes us healthy and whole. Healing is defined as “the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.” The interesting thing is that most of us have never been completely sound or healthy. At some point in our lives –often early– many of us have experienced psychological or emotional wounds that have never fully healed. These wounds often lead to negative thought patterns, emotional struggles and bad coping techniques.

Unlike physical wounds, emotional or psychological wounds are less likely to be cared for. For instance, when someone cuts or badly injures a body part, they are likely to do something to heal it (bandage, doctor, etc.) . However, when we are hurt emotionally or psychologically we are less likely to seek healing (self care, counseling, etc.). In turn, many of us do things that intensify the wound such as ignoring it or using toxic coping strategies like drugs or alcohol to ease the pain.

Why Healing Is So Important

When we do not engage in healing, we often end up prolonging our pain or even causing pain to others. Many people who are not healed end up acting in ways that they do not want to out of pain or anger. This can often translate to physical or psychological abuse to themselves or to others.


The Benefits of Healing

Healing, when it is seen as process, can improve all other aspects of our lives. When we are healed or engaging in healing, we feel better. Feeling better leads to doing better. This in turn can have a positive impact on every part of our life. Think of a mother who is harboring a tremendous amount of pain versus one who is continuously engaging in healing. Which one of these women do you think would have the best impact on her child and herself? In the same light, think of a man who has never addressed his pain versus one that is constantly working on himself through healing. Which do you think would be a better partner to his counterpart and a happier person? Healing is clearly the better choice but many of us still do not choose it.


Choose Healing

No matter our profession, role or purpose in life, we can all benefit from healing. Healing helps to make us better versions of ourselves and improve the connections we have with others. Engaging in healing makes it so much easier to deal with the challenges we face in life. There is power in our healing: When we are healed, we are better equipped to do the things that matter the most. No matter what you have been through or what you are going through, there is always opportunity for healing.


Start Your Healing

Seek Counseling or Professional Guidance– talk about your pain or struggles with someone who is non-judgmental and who can offer guidance (Learn About Our Life Healing Services)

Write– Write about the situations that may have hurt you. After you have fully processed them, you may want to burn, wet or tear the paper you wrote on to symbolize letting go of the pain.


Use Art– Create art that reflects how you feel. This can be very therapeutic.

Self Care– Engage in self care. Take time to do things that please or relax you everyday (List of Self Care Activities)

Meditate– spend some time each day clearing your mind through meditation. This can be extremely elevating (How To Meditate)

Take Care of Your Body– Our physical health and our mental health are related. Make sure that you are getting adequate sleep, healthy food and enough physical activity on a regular basis.

Self-Love– Engage in self-love. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Learn to forgive yourself (and others) in order to help you heal and grow.

Let Go – Work on letting go of things that inhibit your growth. Holding on to anger, resentment and pain prevents you from having room for happiness, love and healing.

Practice Positive Thinking– Focus on making meaning out of painful situations. Practice daily affirmations. Listen to music that promotes positivity. Watch positive or inspirational videos. Read inspirational or motivational material.

For more information on healing techniques, see our other Life Changing Blogs


Share Your Healing With Others

Talk to others about healing, share your experience, engage in group healing with family, partner or friends. Imagine how beautiful it would be to live in a society where healing is prioritized and a normal part of our lives. Through healing, we can change our own lives and ultimately change the lives of others.

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Keep in mind that healing is a process and the process itself can be painful at times. However, once we go through this process the results are incredible and the benefits can last for a life time.




We sincerely hope this blog helped you in some way.

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