Reclaiming Your Time


Your time is precious, your time is valuable. Don’t let it be misused by others or yourself. Here are a few tips for “reclaiming your time” on a daily basis.




1. Learn To Be Assertive-Don’t let others unnecessarily waste your time. If you don’t want to be in a conversation, politely let the other person know you have to go. If you don’t want to speak to that telemarketer, respectively hang up the phone. Value yourself and your time enough to assert your needs. It’s okay to say “no” sometimes. It’s okay not to answer every call and request that comes our way. Though, it is great to help others, it is not so great if it is detrimental to our well being. Balance time spent helping others with time spent helping or caring for yourself. Make sure that your needs are taken care of before addressing others’ wants.

2. Don’t misuse your energy The same energy you may have used to argue or complain, could be the same energy used to do something productive and fulfilling to your life. Avoid being constantly caught up in unproductive debates or meaningless conversations. Become aware of where your energy is most spent throughout the day and make a conscious effort to re-direct your energy in a positive and productive way.

3. Avoid Distractions. Sometimes we take time away from ourselves simply by being distracted by things that are not relevant to our lives, well-being or growth. Have you ever spent hours on Facebook and later regretted it? Or spent hours in front of the TV not even really watching it? Or spent way too much time looking up information that had little relevance to what’s important to you in life? Though free time is necessary and fun, make sure that you are using that time wisely and on things that you actually enjoy, not simply what is in front of your face.

4. Measure Where Your Time Is Going – write out in a graph or chart how much time you spend on daily activities or tasks each day (i.e working, sleeping, eating, free time, family time, etc.). You may be surprised to visually see where the majority of your time is going. From there you can identify needed changes in your daily schedule.

24 Hours In a Day.jpgTime Spent Daily.png


5. Dedicate Time To Yourself Each Day. Identify a specific time dedicated to doing something you enjoy without interruption. Ideally, this would be at least an hour or more. If you aren’t able to dedicate this much time yet, start with 15-30 minutes. This can be spent on anything you enjoy (i.e writing, meditating, watching TV/movie, reading, having a hot cup of tea or coffee, taking a relaxing bath, etc.- CLICK HERE FOR SELF CARE IDEAS). Make this a priority! Don’t skip this time to make more time for other things. Prioritizing this time is critical as it will likely help make other tasks in your life easier because you will be more relaxed and content. If necessary, let those around you know that this is your designated “me” time so that it may be properly honored.

6. Plan and Prioritize. Sometimes we fail to make enough time for everything we want to accomplish simply because we haven’t planned. Planning out our day, week or month through scheduling and other means can make it easier to ensure that our time is well spent. It is also easier to manage our time when we are prepared and organized. In identifying what to do first, always prioritize what’s most important to your life overall. When we do this, it ensures that all the important things are taken care of first and the rest can be taken care of later if need be. This allows more time and satisfaction in our lives.

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We sincerely hope that this blog helps you to Reclaim Your Time!

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