6 Ways To De-Stress

6 Ways To De-Stress Using Your Senses

Below are various ideas for reducing stress and relaxing. They do not have to be implemented exactly as listed. Do whatever works for you as long as it is safe and comfortable.


Turn off all distracting noise (TV, phone alerts, etc.) to the best of your ability. Listen to relaxing meditation music which you can find on CDs, Youtube or other websites. You may look for meditations on certain frequencies (i.e 432 hz) or find whatever suites you best. This may be enhanced by using earphones or speakers.

playing guitar


Use your favorite fragrances to relax you: light incense, burn essential oils or add them to your tub,  burn charcoal and frankincense resin, etc. Make sure to follow suggested instructions when lighting or burning these scents.



Take a hot shower or warm bath. Add bath salts, lavender or flower essence to enhance the experience. After you are dry, put on natural oils or creams (scented oils, coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, etc) that make your skin feel the best. Give yourself a face massage or foot massage with your favorite oil. You may also consider giving yourself a facial using a face mask (such as a clay mask) or eye mask beforehand.


Turn off all the lights and safely light your favorite candles. Set up your room or space in a way that pleases you visually. Wear colors that stand out to you. Put on a visualization of tranquil images or stare out the window into nature.



Prepare your favorite tea or soothing drink. Take slow mindful sips. Prepare yourself a plate of fruit if available, taking time to savor the flavor of each fruit you choose to eat.

tea cup


Burn sage in your home to clear out negative energy. Find a quiet space to meditate in- on the floor, in a chair or lying down. Meditate by concentrating on your breathing or by using a guided meditation. Journal and write down everything you are feeling. Imagine yourself in the exact place, time and mood that you would like to be in.  Make use of crystals or a Himalayan salt lamp to enhance your energy.

Use whatever you have available!

***TIP These steps work best if you use more than one technique at a time

(i.e imagine yourself in a warm bath filled with natural bath salts and your favorite essential oil. The lights are turned out with candles safely burning around you. Your crystals are carefully aligned around you, sending you positive energy. Soft relaxing music plays in the background while you take in the aroma of a sweet smelling scent. You later dry off and put on your favorite oil or cream. You then put on comfortable clothing with appealing colors. You spend the rest of the night slowly drinking hot tea and journaling in a quiet space.)

There are so many things you can do to de-stress. Find out what works best for you in the moment. The most important thing is that you make the time and commitment to de-stress!

We Sincerely Hoped This Blog Helped You In Some Way!

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