Cultivating Self Love In A Time of Isolation

When’s the last time you really looked in the mirror? Not just at your appearance but deep within yourself… This could be a great time to cultivate a new relationship with yourself. Our level of Self Love can impact so many aspects of our lives: our mental health, our romantic relationships, our parenting, our finances, etc.

Is it time for a mental look in the mirror?


Here are some signs that you may need to work on Self Love:

  • You attract relationships that are harmful to your well being
  • You talk to yourself more like an enemy than a friend
  • Your dreams and goals seem to be prolonged
  • You always put others before yourself no matter what
  • You struggle with self care
  • You have a hard time looking in the mirror
  • Being alone (even temporarily) feels uncomfortable

A Few Ways To Cultivate Self Love In Your Life:

1. Recognize Where You Lack Self Love. These questions may help:
  • How do I feel about my body?
  • Do I receive as much as I give?
  • Is my inner dialogue kind or harsh?
  • What do I feel like I deserve in relationships?
  • What do I feel like I deserve financially?
  • Do I feel like I deserve the same good things that other people do?

2. Find Out What’s Getting In The Way Of You Fully Loving Yourself. Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself:

  • Is there someone in my life that made me feel bad about myself? (parent, partner, etc.)
  • What ideas do I have about self love?
  • Is there something I need to forgive myself for?

3. Actively Express Love to Yourself:

  • Write Yourself A Love Letter or Loving Journal Entry 
  • Repeat Verbal Affirmations Daily (i.e “I am worthy” “I am beautiful” etc.)
  • Write A List of Things You Love About Yourself
  • Look in the Mirror and Say Positive Statements to Yourself
  • Offer Forgiveness to Yourself for Past Mistakes
  • Speak to Yourself and Treat Yourself Like You Would Treat the Person You Loved The Most

4. Do More of What You Want To Do. Sometimes we hold ourselves in a prison by doing the opposite of what we want to do or by only doing what we think we should do. Not allowing ourselves enjoyable time can stifle self love. You may want to try one or more of the following:

  • Spend some time each day doing something you genuinely enjoy
  • Rekindle old hobbies or passions
  • Write a list of things you want to do in the future (travel, adventures, moving, etc.)
  • Write down your Dreams & Goals and actually act on them


5. Put Yourself First. Gradually work on becoming more comfortable saying “no”  to what you don’t want and “yes” to what you do want. Learn to put your own needs first where needed. In fact, focusing on your own well being can be beneficial to everyone around you (i.e children, loved ones, etc.). Don’t keep neglecting yourself for the sake of others….your wants, desires, dreams and hopes are just as important.





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