Tips on Staying Calm During A Crisis

Have you ever felt an ongoing sense of panic from an unexpected situation?

I’m sure many of us have been experiencing that lately…

Here are a few tips for staying calm during a crisis so you can make the best decisions for your well being!




  1. Focus on what’s most important. During a crisis, you may have a multitude of things on your mind. To alleviate stress, focus on what is most important to you in your life (i.e your family, your safety, your health, etc.). Make this your priority and get to other things when you can.
  2. Write down your options. Identify what you can realistically do to make the situation better or to minimize risk. Even if it’s a small thing write it down (i.e contacting a resource)
  3. Focus primarily on what you can do. Often we get overwhelmed because we are focusing on things that we have no control over. Keep your focus on what you can you do to make the situation better.
  4. Seek Resources/Help. If you are unable to solve the crisis yourself, look for resources and supports that will help you. This may be friends, family, professionals, community centers, virtual resources etc. Allow yourself to be helped and supported during troubling times. This may also be a good time to connect with loved ones.
  5. Breathe. Once you know that you’ve done all that you can realistically do- look for satisfaction in knowing that you’ve done your best. You may not have done all that you wanted to do but have comfort in knowing that you’ve done all you can. Take a moment to breathe or meditate.
  6. Limit News & Social Media. During times of a social crisis, it is important to stay informed but you don’t want to overload yourself with information especially if that elevates your fear or anxiety. Also, during times of personal crisis, you may want to limit your media intake to allow yourself time to focus on things that are more helpful to your well being- instead of things that trigger it.
  7. Stay Hopeful. In the society we live in, it’s easy to get sucked into fear-based “gloom and doom” thinking but keep in mind that there are an infinite amount of possibilities and so many of them are outcomes for the better. It is possible to be both realistic and hopeful- choose the thoughts that make you feel the most empowered and balanced.
  8. Feed Your Optimism. Find videos, songs, books, blogs, affirmations, art etc. that help you to feel empowered and optimistic. In the midst of a crisis, you may find yourself being pulled into all the negativity around you. Find things that feed your optimism and that are good for your well being. Use your coping skills and seek professional help or hotlines if needed.




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